2017 kathe kruse stella marie en marie estelle voorkant

Käthe Kruse 2017 Classic Collection

The beautiful Classic collection of 2016.

All dolls are only as pre-order available. The delivery time will be apr. 4 weeks.  

A non refundable payment of 25% of the price is required.  

Käthe Kruse
ong. 6 weken.

Käthe Kruse 2017 Puppe VIII Stella Marie en Marie-Estelle

Käthe Kruse Stella Marie en Marie-Estelle.

Stella Marie and Marie Estelle

are wearing elegant festive clothes made from the finest silk taffeta, manufactured

in an elaborate design. Through the shimmering beauty of the fabric the plaits in the

skirt look very effective. The hand-crafted blossoms with small beads in the waist

are an eye catcher. Also the hem is decorated.

Their bolero jackets are made of elegant satin, both dolls bring a hand worked

matching bag with them, applied with flowers and pearls.

Marie Estelle wears her solemnly dress in azur blue with a gray bolero jacket and

silver ballerina shoes . Her beautiful blue eyes look radiant.

Stella Marie preferred bright lemon yellow with matching champagne colored jacket

and golden shoes. Her green eyes are in perfect harmony with her clothing.

Marie Estelle and Stella Marie, both have a bracelet, which is made by hand in the

Käthe Kruse manufactory.

The dark blond hair is artistically styled to Viennese wreath and looks very nice to

both dolls.

Collectors item, not a toy.


Käthe Kruse
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ong. 6 weken.

Käthe Kruse 2017 Puppe XII Laura en Ralph

Käthe Kruse Laura en Ralph, 47 cm.

Laura and Ralph

the two pupil are dressed traditionally but fashionable.

Laura's classic pleated skirt and Ralph's trousers are made from fine English cotton.

Under the red jacket, with the patch pockets, Laura is wearing a pink blouse made of

"Oxford Cotton", which is decorated on the collar with finest hand embroidery.

Not only warm but also very chic are her knitted socks and the red leather shoes in

college style.

The hand-made leather bag fits perfectly to her skirt. Laura has very long, wavy red

hair, which is held by a hair band, in shape and forms an interesting contrast to her

greenish eyes.

Ralph is dressed in a fashionable, blue jacket with patch pockets and a zip.

Underneath he wears a shirt that is also made of "Oxford Cotton". He is proud of

his matching red satin tie. The dark blue leather shoes and blue handmade satchel

matching best with his clothing.


Käthe Kruse
ong. 6 weken.
2017 Käthe Kruse Rosalinde

Käthe Kruse 2017 Rumpumpel Rosalinde

Käthe Kruse 2017 Rumpumpel Rosalinde, 32cm.


the brave doll child has dressed up for a festive occasion. The

shift dress made from sparkling fabric has front and back pleats

and is decorated with pink blossoms. Underneath she wears

a matching pink gray colored blouse with a Peter Pan collar.

Rosalinde's blonde hair is styled to particularly long braids.



Collectors item, not a toy.


Käthe Kruse
ong. 6 weken
2017 Käthe Kruse Catherine

Käthe Kruse 2017 Puppe IX Catherine

Käthe Kruse Puppe IX Catherine, 35cm.


has styled with "Parisian chic". Her elegant two-part ensemble is

made of classic beige, black, bordeaux plaid fabric. The detailed

top part is decorated with piping and buttons and matches best

with the pleated skirt, which has a patch pocket. She also wears

the typical Basque beret and chic black leather boots. The green

eyes are radiating!



To order only as long as available at the factory.

Collectors item, not a toy.


Käthe Kruse
25707 / 25705
ong. 6 weken
2017 Käthe Kruse Tim and Pia

Käthe Kruse 2017 Däumlinchen Tim und Pia

Käthe Kruse Däumlinchen Tim en Pia, 25cm.

Tim and Pia

the vernal dressed dolls look forward to days they spend together in the garden.

Pia loves her colorful crafted dress in patchwork look, with the two sidelong pockets.

Polka dots and little flowers harmonize best in her dress. Pia's curly socks are

matching perfect with the dress as well as the red shoes with light blue ribbons. A

hair wreath adorns the open blonde hair. Pia brings a wooden bucket with a little love

note to Tim.

Tim is proud of his blue dungarees with the funny strawberry application, the many

pockets and sassy color accents. Under the trousers he wears a blue and white

checked shirt. The smart straw hat looks good on him and also protects Tim against

the sun.

Tim's hobby is gardening, therefore his green watering can is always with him.


Käthe Kruse
ong. 6 weken
2017 Käthe Kruse Nalo

Käthe Kruse 2017 Däumlinchen Nalo

Käthe Kruse Däumlinchen Nalo, 25 cm.


comes from Africa. Her dress has the colors of sand and water

and shows an African pattern. The dress is decorated with little

gold beads and colored ribbons. The pastel mint-leggings matches

perfectly with her dress. Her handmade slippers are decorated

with beads. As jewelry Nalo wears a bracelet made of green and

gold beads.

Her black hair is braided into four braids in African style.


Käthe Kruse
ong. 6 weken.
2017 Käthe Kruse Maylin

Käthe Kruse 2017 Schummelchen Maylin

Käthe Kruse 2017 Schummelchen Maylin, 34 cm


shows Asian Charm. She wears a delicate pink crêpe de chine

blouse made of pure silk, decorated with a bow. Around her waist

the girl is wearing a sash. The fancy skirt with fine floral elements

is floor length. Her pearl colored shoes are tied with pink ribbons.

The lovingly Asian face and her black hair give the doll this special



collectors item, not a toy.


Available as long as doll is available at the factory.


Käthe Kruse
42649 /42651
2 tot 4 weken
Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune Ole and Inga

Käthe Kruse 2017 Ole and Inga

Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune  Ole and Inga, 39 cm.

Ole and Inga

Ole loves the colors red and green, as he has in his winter sweater and the matching

cap. His tweed trousers look very nice with this, as well as the green cuffs and gloves.

Around the neck he wears a warming shawl. His blue eyes look radiant with joy into

the world.


The “Child of Fortune” Inga wears a beige linen dress with wine-red sleeves and

Peter Pan collar. The big pockets are as well as the skirt embroidered. On top she

wears a warm jacket which is lined inside. Jacket and cap are made of the same fabric.

Her red shoes and tights matching nicely with her dress.