2017 Steiff EAN 006708 Designer's Choice Teddy bear Claude

2017 Steiff ean 006708 designers choice Claude

2017 Steiff EAN 006708 Designer's Choice Teddy bear Claude, 33cm.

Limited edition of 500 pieces.

Sold out

Designer´s Choice Teddy bear Claude

Item no. 006708, 33 cm

made of finest mohair, multicoloured,

5-way jointed, surface washable,

limited edition of 500 pieces,

with gold-plated “Button in Ear”


Collector’s item only, not a toy.


Steiff Designer Margit Richter describes how her Claude came about: “I’ve always been

fascinated by the wonderful sense of colour in Monet’s water lily paintings, so I hit upon

the idea of creating my own design for mohair plush.” Monet himself would surely have

been proud of this bear with his brightly coloured mohair and characteristic water lily

on his lapel. Like the famous paintings, each Teddy bear Claude is a unique specimen

crafted by hand. 500 bears leave the Steiff factory in Giengen – complete with a unique

mohair design and a specially produced flower. And, who knows, maybe some of them

will get the chance to accompany their owners on a trip to Giverny, to see Claude Monet’s

garden in its full glory