EAN: 354564

2017 Steiff EAN 354564 Disney's Dumbo

2017 Steiff ean 354564 Dumbo

2017 Steiff EAN 354564 Disney's Dumbo, 20cm.

Limited editon of 2.000 pieces.

Disney’s Dumbo

Item no. 354564, 20 cm

made of finest mohair, grey, sitting,

1-way jointed (head), surface washable,

limited edition of 2,000 pieces,

with gold-plated “Button in Ear”


Collector’s item only, not a toy.


What are these ears for, if not for flying? With a big leap, small Disney’s Dumbo is meant

to keep the circus till ringing! But the experiment fails. Instead of applause, there is ridicule

and only the supporting role in a clowns’ act. Eventually the friendship with Timothy

Mouse and the magic of a crow’s feather give him self-confidence. And indeed, in the

next clown’s act, little Dumbo surprises everyone and flies! When the elephant came to

the cinema in 1941, he captured many hearts, including the Oscar® jury. Made out of

the finest mohair, Dumbo swings to the top once again in 2017 as a star in 2,000 Steiff

circus rings. Heart flutteringly desirable!