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De Loupe voor verzamelmerken.


This English version of our website is still under construction.

We are working hard to translate all items into English. There is access to all items in our shop, only the main language is till Dutch.

Please mail if you have a question about a product. info@deloupe.nl



 Corona Allert

Due to all kinds of restrictions aroud the outbreak of the corona virus, shipping to some countries is delayed or even not possible.

Please email us for shipping possibilities before ordering.

EU / UK / USA still possible.









39 years De Loupe. 


Last update:


22-09-2020: Steiff, Charlie Bears, Götz, Käthe Kruse, Heidi Ott. 

13-9-2020: Steiff, Charlie Bears, Götz, Sylvia Natterer, Sasha, Käthe Kruse.

02-09-2020: Steiff, Charlie Bears, Annette Himstedt, Götz

27-08-2020: Steiff, Charlie Bears, Sasha, Sylvia Natterer

10-08-2020: Steiff, Charlie Bears, Erna Meyer, Sasha




Visit our site with baby products: www.babyknuffel.com

Visit our site completely devoted to Sasha Dolls: www.sashadolls.nl

From 2017 on, our daughter takes over a part of our collection. You can find her site at


Of course everything is still to order from this site as we work close together.




Familie Voorham

De Loupe, poppen-beren-miniaturen  (sinds 1981)

Schutstraat 11-25


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